365 illustrated blog posts – No. 001 (a.k.a. Project 365, v2.0)

365 illustrated blog posts - 001 Father Time

Welcome to 2012, and welcome to my daily 365 project version 2.0! Version 1.0 went down like the Titanic, in part because of lack of structure. This time, I shall overcome.

Heavily-inspired by other illustration-a-day projects, most notably those of Kate Bingaman-Burt and Donovan Beeson, I shall present you with an illustrated blog post for every day of 2012. I reeeeeeally have been having issues with simply picking up a pencil to even just doodle, so, here’s my crack at fixing that. Mixed in will be other creative explorations and life hap’nins, too, so your eyes won’t be bored with just the black-and-white sketchy thing. Follow along, won’t ye?

Happy New Year!

P.S. – I’ve re-vamped my website again, and have a new, fun blog called Dandyville. You should check those out, too.